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It’s really in the last half of this debut season that “Better Call Saul” has found itself. Before that, the show was a mood-piece designed for fans of “Breaking Bad”―the faces and landscapes were familiar, but reconfigured; the plots were vaguely justified but meticulously detailed, creating a scattered palette of rich snapshots. Even the fan-favorite episode “Five-O,” which dealt almost entirely with Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks)’s backstory, was yet another lovely vignette that didn’t quite fit into the whole. It was only when Jimmy stumbled into the multi-episode arc of fraudulent elder care that the show began to find itself―not because elder care is so fascinating, per se, but because the story gave Jimmy a purpose and a conflict. Purpose, to crack the case, borne out of a real desire to help people. And conflict, because his sudden interest and success ruffles the electrosensitive feathers of his older brother, Chuck (Michael McKean) that ultimately leads, in the ninth episode “Pimento,” to the revelation that it’s Chuck blacklisting Jimmy from advancing at HHM; it’s Chuck that is pretending to get along with Jimmy while pulling strings behind Jimmy’s back. Speaking to my colleague Anna Silman, McKean offered some fascinating character analysis on the relationship between Chuck and Jimmy: Chuck was, in all likelihood, the one their mother was always proud of. But Jimmy was probably the one that made her laugh:

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But after reading Lupica’s article I spent an hour or so reviewing recent press reports sensationalizing Lanza’s video-game “addiction” and I couldn’t find a single one referencing the numbers that should be the starting data points for any discussion of “gamers” and violence.

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Well I always proceed based on moral criteria and spiritual standards that have to do with keeping track of the humanity of persons. And there is no doubt in my mind that the Israeli occupation is ugly, it’s vicious, it’s brutal, and it needs to not just be brought to attention, it needs to be brought to an end. It’s also true that I am against the occupation of the Tibetan people and the occupation of Kashmir and others, but this particular occupation is one that deserves our attention precisely because as an American citizen my tax money is being used to perpetuate that ugly occupation.

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Well, one thing is that [Jimmy] has the sense of humor. He can take a situation that’s dire or perhaps just an iffy situation and do a joke on it. We see him do it in the show, when he’s out in the desert with those guys who are getting their legs broken. We still see him trying to look for the joke, trying to keep it cool. He’s the one who made mom laugh, that’s what we’re thinking now. That’s the worse crime of all. I made my mother very proud, but Jimmy made her laugh. That kills me.

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It’s all so predictable. The old are always wary and suspicious of the passions of the young, whether it’s rock ‘n’ roll or comic books or drugs or, now, video games. Something’s happening here … and we don’t understand it, which means we’re automatically terrified of it.

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These are pressing and difficult problems, yet increasingly, and especially on college campuses, and in academic organizations, people are willing to discuss and debate things like divestment, as well as academic and cultural boycotts that refuse to endorse the status quo. Indeed, earlier this month a group of 600 artists that included Ken Loach, Brian Eno, Khalid Abdalla and Haim Bresheeth?announced they were endorsing a cultural boycott of Israel.

Russell’s Stuntman Mike is a lost soul speeding toward hell, a man out of time in every way: He tries to impress a cluster of young women by telling them about the TV shows he’s done stunt work on, shows like “The Virginian” and “Vega$.” They stare at him blankly, until he finally asks them if they’ve ever heard of any of the shows he’s talking about. When they say they haven’t, he’s not surprised, and neither are we.

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“Marco,” last night’s finale, reveals more about Jimmy McGill―the man who becomes Saul Goodman―than we’ve ever known before. It comes almost entirely from Jimmy himself, standing up in front of a crowd, performing as he does so well. Except it’s not a jury, or a judge, or potential clients he’s grandstanding for. It’s the crowd at the Sandpiper, the senior citizens’ home, and as he so often does, he’s calling bingo. This time, it’s after he’s capitulated to his brother’s machinations and accepted his check for, essentially, getting the hell out of HHM. For some fluke of a reason, the machine keeps spitting up Bs―B-12. B-4. B-6. And the repetition, despite the system that is supposed to enforce random chance, sends Jimmy off on a confessional monologue. He’s always coming up empty-handed, in this world, no matter what he does; at least, in this moment, he is going to yell about it.

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The big news in Lupica’s piece is that Adam Lanza apparently created a massive (7 feet wide and 4 feet long!) spreadsheet documenting years of mass murders in obsessive detail. Just more gamer behavior, apparently. That’s, uh, crazy.

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Well first I think we have to be very clear that the call for the end of the vicious Israeli occupation is today a kind of litmus test for progressives, because you have sacrifice so much. There is no doubt that you will be called an anti-semite, that you will be called a chauvinist; there is no doubt you will be called someone who is downplaying the history of oppression of Jews. For so long, we have allowed not just the conservatives, not just the neo-liberals, but even progressive intellectuals to be silent when it comes to Palestinian peoples. So we have to call into question our own academic colleagues, we have to call into question our own fellow intellectuals.

Love it or hate it, you sure get your money’s worth with “Grindhouse”: Rodriguez and Tarantino enlisted several modern-day schlock filmmakers to direct the phony trailers clustered around the two main features. Eli Roth, director of “Cabin Fever” and “Hostel” (he also has a small role in Tarantino’s portion of “Grindhouse”), gives us the sickest one, for a slashfest called “Thanksgiving.” (Its superb tag line: “This year there will be no leftovers!”) The “Thanksgiving” trailer caused the Motion Picture Association of America to waggle its reproachful finger: Roth had to trim a few frames — involving a protruding butcher’s knife and a gymnastically inclined topless cheerleader (use your imagination) — to get the all-important R rating, but the thing is still sufficiently depraved. Edgar Wright, director of “Shawn of the Dead,” offers a sweetly twisted, tantalizingly vague promo for a horror pileup called simply “Don’t.” My personal favorite, though, is the one featuring the wonderful actor Danny Trejo as a rebel peacekeeper and ladies’ man (as evidenced by the naked cuties he cavorts with) in a hot little number called “Machete” — which also happens to be the name of the gadget whiz Trejo plays in Rodriguez’s “Spy Kids” movies (the first two of which are terrific).

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